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Estate Security Services 

Residential Property Protection

Who We Are
Current Facts

Security Concepts Group is a service-disabled veteran owned small business that specializes in providing scalable organizational security solutions.


We enable our clients to achieve their goals without hindrance resulting from risk or unnecessarily restrictive security measures. We do this by developing partnerships that reduce vulnerabilities while increasing productivity and efficiency.

With a clear client-driven approach, SCG has become the go-to consultancy group. Our clients depend on us to be their partner, enabling their success.


We not only understand the pertinent risks that may disrupt their operations, but also understand the resulting business impact of such events taking place. In addition, with vast experience on a global scale, SCG considers every client’s organizational culture and provides holistic, practical, and suitable turnkey solutions.

SCG Risk and Security Managment

Have you considered these FACTS?

Your personal information is easily obtained by

  • Basic internet searches 

  • Gathering personal/family information from social media

Home invasions and crime continue to rise

  •  Home invasions have risen by double digits

  • Criminals can locate/track your vehicle to follow you home

Criminals are more emboldened

  • Criminals are taking more risks with less fear or capture or prosecution

  • Security cameras are no longer deterrents 

Police response times are increasing

  • Increase in crime and the reduction in law enforcement staff has increased response time

SCG Estate Security and Residential Property Protection

What is your life worth?

What is you family members lives worth?

Resident Security Teams (RSTs) can assist with:


Individuals and their families who live in estates are at higher risk of being targeted by criminals due to their perceived wealth and status. 


Those that reside in an estate often require a level of privacy that is not available in other types of properties



Estates often contain valuable assets such as artwork, jewelry, and expensive furnishings.


It takes a team to manage and support an estate. Our security professionals are trained to help.


Estate owners have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for their guests and employees.

Resident Security Teams
SCG Estate Securty Operations Team

SCG Estate and Resident Security Solutions Provide:

  • ​24-hour 7 days-a-week coverage and response

  • Active surveillance against threats towards your residence

  • Security Agents that have detailed background checks

  • Security Agents specifically trained in Executive Protection Protocols

  • Rapid response to emergency situation and provide advanced first aid 

  • Security Agents who can travel anywhere in the world if and when needed

  • Comprehensive reports on all activities

  • Assistance to Residence/Estate Managers

Most important we provide peace of mind to you and your family.

Security Benefits

We utilize guard tracking technology to:

  • Provide our clients with detail reports 

  • Track the agent’s movement and alerts of inactivity

  • Create a Geo-Fence around property

  • Capture time and attendance of all agents

  • GPS identifies officer’s presence and location

  • Document all tasks such as perimeter checks

  • Document special instruction given to agents

  • Provides online, real-time oversight

  • Logs all security agent activity 

  • Instant real-time communication

SCG Estate Security and Residential Property Protection
SCG Estate Security Services and Residential Property Protection

A proper Resident Security Team will evaluate, recommend, and manage equipment such as security cameras, alarms, and access control systems which help protect individuals, their families from harm.  Resident Security Teams along with proper security systems can protect assets from theft, vandalism, and other forms of damage.  

Additionally, Resident Security Teams are first the responders to emergencies that take place on property. Furthermore, Resident Security Team integrate with the estate staff to ensure a smooth estate operation. 

RSTs are important for ensuring personal safety, protecting assets maintaining privacy, reducing liability risks and overall estate operations. By investing in Estate Security, individuals will have peace of mind knowing they have a safe and secure environment for themselves, their families, and their guests.

What to RSTs Do

Our professionally trained Security Agents provide discrete security services.  Our aim is to provide a small footprint while still maintaining constant security and ability to respond to emergency’s.  

SCG’s pride is its talent, all of our Risk Managers and Security Consultants are subject matter experts in their field and have extensive experience in both public and private sectors.


Our broad spectrum of consulting service can be summarized as expert, objective advice to mitigate risks to our clients and their concerns.  SCG’s experts’ partner with our clients during implantation or recommendations as well as ongoing program maintenance ensuring effective, practical security for the long term.


Our techniques are based on internationally recognized standards to include International Organization of Standards (ISO) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved methodologies, blended with actual real world working experience.

SCG Securtiy Operations Team

Why Choose SCG?

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Toll Free: 866-724-7565

Nevada PILB License: #1576

DUN’s #: 05-654-2441

CAGE Code: 7WDK5

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